Efficient and productive work, high level of user satisfaction or good level of customer interaction depend on the overall performance of the network that your business relies on.  And when all these parameters are decreasing the logical step is to look into the reasons behind your network performance degradation and solve any issues before an e-mail with the topic “I cannot do my job because of the slow network” reaches the IT’s Inbox.

This is where our team of experienced engineers comes in. A separate team, following our principle of separation of duties, will be handling network health checks. It will look into failover status, BGP failover status, BGP peer status, user access, user verification, HSRP/VRRP status, firmware/signature version, resource usage, fan status, working temperature and many more.

It is a service we provide on demand or regularly at specific, agreed upon intervals. We will manually check specific environments against agreed or custom working parameters and best practices.

Your network must be available at any time and ready for anything that might be necessary for or within your business. This is why it is essential for it to be tailored according to your business needs. We have network architects that value network personalization more than anything. They look into current and future business needs, they check compliancy requirements, take into account budgetary restraints and research and adapt technology trends so the end result is a well fitted solution based on the existing network setup.

Our network architects have experience with secure environments for healthcare companies, they deployed tailored solution for one on the largest hotel chains in the world and tackled complex Data Center challenges for one of the largest IT companies out there. At the same time, they have experience with cloud providing and offering small secure and GDPR compliant setups for family owned business.

Keeping an optimized network is an ongoing process and the network survey is an invaluable tool, providing all the necessary data to maximize the efficiency of your network. Our engineers deploying network survey solutions can help you have an overview of your systems as well as crafting necessary steps to be taken into consideration for future evolution.

We identify the current status of infrastructure, be it wired or wireless, find the weak points and propose the solutions to upgrade it. Our engineers can check your network setup against current best practices and technology trends to make sure you stay one step ahead of attackers or other network disruptions. Even small things like inconsistent NTP source or SSH timeouts, on the long term, can cause severe disruptions in communication, not to mention the old too common 'firewall rules left in place' long time after the services got decommissioned. Moreover, our engineers can conduct a survey to move or accept a new environment into Support Services (steady state support phase). Comparing to the other services, in case of survey, in most cases it is conducted on premise by our engineers.

For your business to meet the demands of today’s sophisticated customers or employees it needs to have a reliable and scalable network infrastructure allowing insertion of new projects or environments.

Our team of engineers can analyze and determine what solutions, what technologies are most effective to tackle your problem. They can answer to your needs whether it is building a new network in an existing area or adding on different projects or environments to existing infrastructures. They can handle the technical implementation of an extensive range of network solutions, software and hardware, from building, testing to integration with existing infrastructure.

We know from experience that during this stage there will be major changes and additions and so the work of our engineers will be closely supervised by network architects  After solution has been built, tested and accepted by the client it will be moved to our Support services (steady state support).

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