Whether you are a small enterprise with 3 employees or a large enterprise with up to 500.000 you need your basic line of defense to be up to date with the latest technology, ready to evaluate any interactions and protect your network from unauthorized intrusion.

We have an experienced team that can advise you on the Firewall Security Solutions that your company needs, be it traditional Firewall or Next Generation Firewall services (NGFW). Our team is constantly analyzing the dynamic changes on the network security market and it corroborates it with the level of sophistication of modern world attacks. Hackers get smarter by the minute, security breaches are on the rise, the threat landscape is evolving so it is more essential that ever to have in place the best technology designed to protect you.

Our engineers have vast experience deploying and managing solutions for various clients such as large Cloud Providers, nationwide governmental clients, complex and industry specific petroleum customers. We design and implement Firewall Solutions from vendors like Cisco, Fortinet, Dell both in the area of traditional Firewall services and also using Next Generation Firewall services (NGFW) and most importantly, we can advise you on the best solution to serve your business security needs.

Do you remember that one time when a less tech savvy employee chose to click that harmful attachment that reached his Inbox causing a major security breach? If you don’t, trust us, it is not something that you want down your memory lane. If you do, then you do understand how important it is to have in place an advanced spam filter technology.

We can easily understand the specific needs of your employees when it comes to spam filtering. We will take those into consideration and we will provided a solution with the level of sophistication that you need looking into the different type of filters, from particular words to word frequency and more.

We have a skilled team of engineers ready to design and implement solutions for e-mail security and SPAM filtering using Cisco products. Their experience and expertise are obtained working with small governmental clients, who, needles to say, place high value on the security of their e-mails and with nationwide clients working in the transportation industry.

Wireless infrastructure has become today a mandatory requirement, the basis for vital connections, a field exponentially growing in terms of technology and hence in terms of vulnerability. Employees connect to the company’s wireless infrastructure with their personal mobiles or laptops, they rely on this technology to increase their productivity, their mobility and they blindly click OK when connecting to a public wireless network with their business laptop.

Securing your wireless infrastructure is more important than ever and it comes with an unprecedented degree of complexity.

We understand the importance of wireless technology, both its existence and its security and we have an experienced team of engineers to handle it. We can plan and implement a wireless infrastructure based on Cisco, Motorola/Zebra/Extreme Networks, Ruckus, HP. We have experience in working with both srandalone AccessPoints and also Controller based in all kinds of environments, from regular enterprise to industrial and warehouses, for which we need to take into consideration special environmental factors.  All our solutions come with security by design. They can be integrated with centralized authentication systems, provide user visibility, and keep you safe from rogue wireless devices (clients or networks). In conjunction with Cisco ISE we can also offer  BYOD technologies and Guest portals for easier management.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to protect one’s online privacy and maintain data security. No public wi-fi network should be considered safe, no internet provider should be trusted. No matter the size of your business, you need to put in place a secure, encrypted connection that can protect against mass data collection or can protect privacy in a way that is harder even for advertisers to understand who and when you are.

We provide VPN solutions based on different kinds of vendors and we manage remote access or site-to-site connections. We have deployed complex multi-site VPN connections, clientless VPN for access from public endpoints and overcome overlapping IP scenarios with ingenious NAT setups. Don’t worry, we look into the performance, type of encryptions used, transparency, ease of use, any extra features of the solutions in our portfolio, we analyze it based on your business needs so we can supply you with the best solutions. Our VPN portfolio includes solutions from: IPsec, SSL, L2TP, DMV, PN, VTI, GRE, GRE over IPsec.



You do need a gateway between your business and the interned and you need it to be at the highest level of functionality, security and privacy. No need to say that the technology surrounding proxy servers has evolved. Modern proxy servers act as a web filter, contributing to infrastructure security by controlling interned usage.

They improve web performance, through bandwidth savings and improved speeds. They step up the level of security by encrypting, inspecting and filtering web requests and that of privacy allowing a more private  browse of the internet. With such tools you can get control on web access, being able to filter it based on factors like: application, business relevance, geographic location, security reputation and many others.

It is that solution that keeps your business and its employees protected from all that is dark on the internet and we have what it takes to recommend and deploy the best solution for you. We design and implement solutions for WEB security using products like Cisco WSA, Firepower and Citrix NetScaler/ADC. We have deployed large solutions (3 continents coverage) for clients in the Health Industry & Electronics but also worked with the challenges faced by small setups.

We understand why implementing new solutions or services into your security environment can be daunting. We understand how important it is to know that the technology to be deployed fits perfectly, meets all requirements, does what is requested of it in a timely, user friendly manner. And we are here to help you verify all these, maybe even before purchasing the solution. We will undertake a Proof of Technology to demonstrate specific integration or context needs and if we are not satisfied with the results, we will undertake a Proof of Concept, understanding that is a significant investment and taking it very seriously.

It all starts with setting the criteria, either for PoT or PoC, and we will do so together. Afterwards we will develop a test plan and follow it step by step looking into ways the solution integrates with your IT security, how actual requirements work, how is your user experience and many more.

In the end, we just want you to be confident that you choose the best service/solution for your business.

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