Local Area Network and Wide Area Network technologies are a complex topic that we understand in depth. We have experienced engineers in LAN and WAN solutions that are prepared to provide you with suitable solutions whether you need to connect three computers with just one wireless link or hundred computers situated in different sites or locations. They have worked for companies with 2 employees or home office business as much as they worked with some of the largest IT companies in the world.

We have the ability to understand your particular business requirements and rest assure that we are up to date with best practices in this field. So we will analyze your business needs for network connectivity, the capacity available and, together with you, we will set up a plan diving into ensuring network security practices, employing comprehensive redundancy and scalable solutions. All come with LAN and WAN technologies and are designed to optimize your business performance and increase positive outcomes.

You surely know that business communications would be a lot more difficult in the absence of routers and switches. These two essential devices enable the connection inside your business, employee to employee, employee to customers or business partners as well as connection to important applications or to the Internet. Delivering a critical message, sharing a presentation, having that business changing skype call, creating that virtual task force to increase efficiency, it is all done through the business network, based on routing and switching services.

We understand the advantages and we comprehend the importance of having tailored routing and switching solutions. Hence, we design and manage complex network solutions using Intra-AS or Inter-AS routing protocols (BGP, IS-IS, MPLS, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP) and switching technologies best fitted for your needs (VLAN, QOS, Multicast, DHCP Snooping) for Enterprise, Data Center or Cloud environments. Our engineers have extended experience working in multi-vendor setups with multiple routing protocols (eg: BGP with IS-IS and OSPF), in enterprise (500.000 employees), ISP (5 million clients) and also Industrial environments (setups with more than 200 rugged devices for harsh environments).

Do you estimate an increase in the quantity of data managed through your business? Do you anticipate an increases in the request of information sent via web? Are you worried about the limited bandwidth that your business operates with? Have you noticed a decrease in the level of general performance?

If your answer is ,,yes” to one or all the questions above that you are in need of some solution for WAN optimization and load balancing.

We can help you better use your network bandwidth by balancing traffic through regular network  setups (QOS, EtherChannel, routing) and also using dedicated LoadBalancer appliances (Citrix NetScaler/ADC) or WAN optimizers (Cisco WAAS). Our engineers deployed large environments (3 continents) with balancing traffic to the optimum destinations (Global Load Balancing) by considering available resources and also the geographic location of the user.

In the end, we want for your business to benefit from the highest level of performance possible by using load balancing solutions to maximize the effectiveness of your WAN.

Organizations become larger, information comes in more complex formats, applications and sharing systems, as user friendly as possible, are implemented in the blink of an eye by companies seeking to increase productivity and efficiency by facilitating connectivity. As the world becomes more and more connected, security becomes more and more a reason for concern.

Your business, as a matter of fact, no business can longer afford to ignore the importance of having a solid identity aware infrastructure. You need a flexible identity aware infrastructure that will evolve with your company. One that combines the latest in terms of available technology and processes so you can manage the digital identities of your users whenever necessary. It needs to be easy to use but also GDPR compliant.

We know all these and we are here to help. Specifically, the services we can offer include: Implementing Active Directory Services, Multiple Factor Authentication, Customizing Group Policy, Cisco ISE for centralized network AAA services. Our engineers designed and deployed identity services (Cisco) for large environments, scaling over 4 continents, and assuring the interoperability for network authentication (dot1X), firewall services, IPS/NGFW, VPN, Wifi, BYOD and active directory.

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