That saying “Better safe than sorry” could not be more applicable for the domain of network security. With hackers on the rise and hacking methods evolving by the minute it is essential for any business to be assured that its network is secure and robust. One must foresee a potential threat to the network, an issue that is on the verge of erupting and implement a solution before it all evolves into that major crisis. Proactive monitoring is the service to help accomplish all these.

Our team can check the status of your network in detail: patch management, hardware failures, memory usage, interface load, failover status and many more. The solution our engineers will implement can notify designated users when thresholds are reached, as it can monitor traffic patterns or capacity planning. Furthermore, the solution can isolate IT issues so that our engineers can intervene and fix the problem before it has an impact on the business, the employees or the customers.

It is no secret that the most vulnerable infrastructure is the one that is not upgraded and updated to the latest versions available. Let’s all keep in mind that hackers are up to date with latest technologies and failure in patching your business network works like an open invite for a security breach.

We have a team of experienced engineers that can help keep your infrastructure secure, reliable by keeping your hardware and software up to date. They can select the best firmware/software versions for your particular setup while aligning to vendor recommendation, known stable versions and best practices. They have the necessary experience to know that upgrading and updating is directly linked with firmware, code, signature changes on network and that all these can be disruptive or break existing setups which requires the implementation of the Change review board. As much as they know the importance of monitoring post-implementation just to see if the level of infrastructure availability grew and the level of protection from software vulnerabilities is at its best.

The decision to make a change in an already agreed upon process does not come easy, especially since it may be outside the scope of the project, require significant additional charges and pose a supplementary threat to the network.

Our change review board is built to assess the requested change, its impact on the network and to propose a rational and predictable implementation plan with a minimum or no negative impact on the network. Nobody wants unexpected outcomes of changes done in your infrastructure.

In doing all these, our teams work closely with the client and with the change request service team, following approval of change implementation. Team members deploy and manage schedules of released data, manage and control changes into the live environments, ensures that all changes adhere to quality requirements.

Change is necessary. It is often difficult to foresee the evolution of a process as it is to find out that there are better ways to obtain the desired outcome than those initially established.

Hence, change requests appear and although they might seem daunting at first, if they are based on a legitimate reason they should be performed in a timely manner. Our team is here to help you with this, be it a significant change to the service or infrastructure or a simpler change of elements between different environments. Our skilled engineers have the expertise to implement requested changes while minimizing the risks associated with it since they work in a very structured way, providing pre-testing, a detailed plan and post implementation infrastructure testing.

Following the clients’ request, we are ready to implement change as requested or via the change review for better assessment of their implications across the infrastructure.

In today’s world securing your network is not enough to protect your business against IT security attacks. Employees are on the move, their mobiles, laptops, tablets are connected to public, open wi-fi networks in coffee shops, airports, restaurants, hotels. Hence, these devices, along with desktop computers and servers became one of the most vulnerable part of your network.

It is no longer an afterthought to tackle this issue, it is a mandatory condition for every business that wishes to close all gaps that might provider hackers with access to confidential business and individual data.

We work with a wide range of vendors, like Sophos or Bitdefender, and we have engineers with experience in designing the most effective and efficient combination of products and services to be implemented within existing infrastructures. They will make sure that each endpoint registered on your business network is secured and your corporate network protected when accessed through remote devices.

Is your business ready to restore necessary data in case of an emergency? How fast can it do so? What will be the impact on your business?

Cloud back-up is an essential service designed to store copies of relevant data to an of-site server allowing easy editing, managing and restoring of that data.

We work with renowned partners, such as Acronis or Solar Winds, and we have engineers that can analyze the quantity of data needed to be stored and recommend and implement the best option for your business, be it back up directly to public cloud, back up to a service provided or cloud-to-cloud back-up. Our team already knows what to look for in cloud back-up services and following their recommendation and your approval, they will come up with a solution including the optimal level of service – ranging from daily backups to incremental back-ups – a timeline of implementation and necessary guidelines to best restore data when needed.

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