Microsoft Azure is one of the most complex and complete set of cloud services designed to answer to your business challenges, whether they are solutions for personalized healthcare, for improved customer services in financial business or for more secured solutions for governments to protect their citizens.

Azure allows you to use any tool, language or framework to turn ideas into solutions and it provides over 100 services for user engagement, modernizing applications or converting repetitive and time-consuming tasks into automate ones. Your business can benefit from solutions designed on a hybrid cloud platform leading to reduced risks, from built-in privacy controls allowing ownership and control of data as well as best-in-class protection for intellectual property. All on a platform renowned for tis state of the art security.

Given its complexity and the wide range of services provided you need a Microsoft certified engineer to help sort everything out and to recommend that solution tailored to your brief. Our team consists of experienced engineers in the field of Microsoft services and they are just a message away.

If you want to take your business to the next level, Office 365 might be one of the most relevant services that you can implement within your company, no matter if it is a small office or an enterprise. It is the service that meets the needs of todays employees in terms of connectivity, document sharing and increased mobility. It combines secured cloud services, like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, with some of the most used application in the world, like Word, Excell and Outlook.

Your employees are unique, they have a specific workstyle and specific needs that can all be covered by Office 365 service. You team members can securely view confidential documents, they can co-author a document, access content, conversations, tasks and schedules from any device using just their e-mail address and a secure generated password. They can stay connected whenever they choose to, work together, even if they are remote, via team chat or online meetings hence increasing their efficiency and productivity and taking your company to new heights.

If you need this product, we have the certified engineer that will help you integrate it in your existing infrastructure meeting all the requirements of your network.

Collaboration and access to information are the key to successfully implemented projects as much as promoting internally successful projects are the key to creating a dynamic and appreciation based work environment.

Sharepoint is that service that empowers teamwork and seamlessly collaboration across the entire organization. It helps build productive sites for as many projects, departments, divisions as you need and inside those sites it accelerates productivity by allowing the implementation of complex operational workflows or encouraging sharing of common resources. It also allows sites or apps customization, so the team leading the project can become a valuable storyteller.

The velocity of knowledge will be maximized since the information researched will just one click away and the collaboration will be effortless given that the service can be used across MCs, Macs and mobile devices.

If you consider that this service will increase the level of collaboration in your organization, give us a message and we will send the best engineer to implement it, taking into account all your business requirements or limitations.

For 12 consecutive years, Microsoft was recognized as a leader in the field of business intelligence and analytics.

They provide a complex solution used by Heathrow Airport and many other leading companies in industries such as retail, healthcare, IT, auto, financial. 

It may be the service that your business needs so employees can take fast and informed decisions. With this service you will be able to transform business data into dynamic visuals and share them with those interested on any device. You can analyze the data, create customized, shareable reports and scale the information necessary across your organization with no concerns related to security. It takes minutes to create engaging reports, to bring your apps to life, to have access to those insights that can be further one converted into business growth actions.

And we have just the team for you to incorporate this service, securely, in your business network.

It is the service that you need if you want to digitally transform your business while having no concerns related to data protection or overall network security.

Enterprise mobility provides identity driven security to better protect you against advanced attacks, enabled secured collaboration and a highly intelligent safeguard of corporate data and the possibility to securely manage applications and data, regardless of the operating system, from one single point. Using this service, you can centrally manage sign on across devices, existing data center and the cloud and you can deliver and manage Windows desktops and apps on all devices.

It might that one service missing from your business and if it is, we have engineers ready to asses the need, the possibility of implementation and recommend the best use of the service, tailored to the specific needs of your company.

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