At first, almost half a decade ago, we were Software Kingdom. It started in London and it constantly grew based on the expertise and experience of skilled consultants and engineers. Today, the company is performing operations all over Europe, all these leading to opening two more offices, in Romania and in Sweden.

With over 200 customers in the portfolio, more than 400 projects implemented in less than 5 years and a continuous effort towards evolution, the need for a larger group rose, hence IT Secure State was founded.


Our objective is to ease the burden of our customer’s IT requirements, complement their existing abilities and improve where we can, in a way that it doesn't exhaust all the customers' resources. What we deliver is knowledge, quality and professionalism.

John State, Founder IT Secure State


We make sure that our client benefits from our high-quality services, from analysis, to diagnostic, to robust solutions implemented by experienced engineers. We strive to bring added value to the table and we understand that it all lies in the solutions we provide. You can trust that our engineers, with a cumulated experience of over 100 years, will provide the best solution for you in the time frame that you need it.


Each client’s project is a priority. No time and energy will be spared in finding the best solutions for the issue we took the responsibility of addressing.

You can rest assure that when you will need us, we will be there to answer your call and provide you with a valuable and efficient solution to any issue you might be facing.


We choose from our extensive range of services, the best fit for our clients’ needs. Our skilled team is prepared to diagnose and develop the ideal solution, in an optimal time frame and through a single point of purchase. We want to make things as easier as possible for our clients, that is why the only thing we need to get started is a clear brief and answers to our specific questions. Following that, constant updates and the implementation in the agreed timeline are our responsibilities and we take them seriously.


 Our team is an active seeker and observant of IT security technology developments since it is mandatory for us to provide our clients with the latest innovative solutions. We stay up to date with the solutions generated by our partners, we upgrade our list of services based on our clients’ requirements, we attend industry events and we invest, with priority, in the training of our team members.


We dedicate effort into leveraging our partners` capabilities and establishing long term relations with them. We built over 35 partnerships and the number is increasing. We are fully aware of the fact that the business we are in is based on collaboration and the success of our projects also depend on the companies we choose as our partners and share the same values with. We work with world class suppliers who prioritize their customer’s business security levels, just like we do.

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